How to reduce carbon footprint of shipment

Shipment and ecology: how to reduce its carbon footprint

Ecological solutions in logistics are an increasing necessity in the interests of environmental sustainability. In the last two years alone, the number of e-commerce customers has increased rapidly, and the continuation of this trend is predicted to continue in the future.

However, according to a European study, up to four times more emissions can be generated with online shopping compared to the traditional alternative. This, sooner or later, will take a toll on the environment, which the e-commerce sellers themselves are aware of.

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Eco-friendly packaging

4 important trends in e-commerce logistics for 2022

With the end of the season comes the prospects for the next one and these are often associated with trends that shape logistics not only in the field of e-commerce, but completely. Recent years have shown us how fast logistics can change.

Last season, however, new trends gradually began to take shape, which will be more significant this year. The e-commerce customers themselves have started to change their shopping customs, which is also related to their needs. These include, for example, fast delivery, good communication with the seller, but also an increasing emphasis on “green work” with the package.

Taking these trends into account, we at Fulfillment by FHB Group have identified the main ones, which we believe will be the main driver of e-commerce logistics in 2022.

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