E-commerce through the Amazon platform is also growing in the European Union. This marketplace is directly represented, for example, in Germany, England, Spain, France, Italy, so in large markets.

The logistics solutions from Fulfollment by FHB Group (FHB) of course also reflect this sales channel and so we provide these services for our e-shop and B2B customers in the following Amazon (FBA,FBM) terminology:

Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM)

This is the procedure where the e-shop is responsible for the dispatch of orders created on Amazon in its own direction through Fulfillment by FHB as a 3PL operator.

We are directly connected to the management of orders and stocks of the customer's goods listed on the Amazon marketplace. As we operate our own network of line haul lines for packages within the EU and work with quality courier companies to deliver the last mile, we can deliver with Amazon's standard and inform the customer about the order delivery.

This is our competitive advantage. For example, from one location, the FHB warehouse, you can as an e-shop directly cover orders from Germany, Italy, Poland, France etc. directly into the addressee's hand and for some destinations we deliver the next working day.

A huge advantage for you, as an e-commerce trader, is the independence of logistics. You fulfill Amazon orders, you also serve the same stock and your e-shops - direct branded e-shops, where your brand wins. The possibility of dropshipping, participation in affiliate networks, micro e-shops, telemarketing, etc. is also not affected. Fulfillment by FHB ships orders in one flow and in full comfort for the target customer.

FHB provides preparation for FBA

The second option where FHB provides Amazon services is using their FBA - Fulfillment by Amazon.

FBA presents logistics services from Amazon from their warehouses. Orders are shipped directly by Amazon, in one process together with special orders. You as an e-shop have a simple solution, which is more expensive and out of control. You will lose control over the goods, the quality of the packaging, brand building and customer loyalty. The packaging is a standard on Amazon, with its logo on the box and their solution for customer returns, etc.

If you decide for this option, FHB provides also "Preparation for Amazon". It is a process of pre-packaging and marking the goods to the standards for their receipt at the warehouse. Packaging into standardized numbers of items, labeling the goods with the languages where they will be sold, inserting manuals into products, etc.

Subsequently, FHB provides pallet or parcel transport to one of their warehouses and again the transport is marked according to the online system.

Outside of preparation for Amazon, we also provide services for e-shops utilizing various e-commerce platforms, with integrations prepared for Shopify, BaseLinker, Shoptet, EasySales, PrestaShop, Metakocka, SuperFaktúra, and others.

Case Study - Fulfillment for an International Electronics Dealer on Amazon