How to become our customer?

    First of all, contact us.

    The whole process of moving your warehouse stocks and integration takes from 1 month to 4 months in case of big companies.
    At the beginning we arrange a meeting at our headquarters, then we go through basic information, show you how we work, how the real process looks like, how we label products, how our customer application looks like and consult with you options of transport.

    This is usually followed by a meeting at your current warehouse, we see the products, how they are delivered to your warehouse, your way of packing, we look at your actual documents and data´s status – bills, bills of delivery, inventory management.

    We will propose you a way of integration – how the invoices and orders will be sent to us, if we will connect your accounting directly, etc.

    Next step is testing period – we move some of products from your warehouse to ours, then we handle first packages and go through clearance of CODs/documents. Concurrently, our programmers are working on integration and on first improvements of your processes based on our experience and know-how.

    After two months of providing service the results are already on the table – the number of your daily duties decreased and we continue in improving exchange of information. It takes only 20 seconds for fully integrated customer to process one invoice – customer´s order.