According to e-commerce studies, the key findings that demonstrate the importance of logistics in the decision-making process of online shopping are:

1.Fast delivery process - up to 87% of online shoppers claim that the delivery time influences their decision to buy again at the same seller
2.Willingness to pay more for fast delivery - up to 67% of shoppers would pay more for the goods delivery on the same day as the order
3.Transparency during the transport process - 51% of shoppers would like to know about the current status and location of their order. And up to 47% claimed that they did not repeat the purchase in the e-shop because of the low transparency about the status and position of the order from the previous purchase
4.Low error rate of the of the package content - 45% of shoppers meet a situation where they found another product in the package which they ordered

The biggest challenge for e-shops is the ability to deliver goods transparently within a few hours from ordering with minimal error rate. Ecommerce sellers invest in logistics services that can deliver goods to customers within 24 hours. Our company Fulfillment by FHB group is one of the largest providers of logistics services also focused on fast goods delivery. In Slovakia, in the middle of Europe, we have a fully automated logistics center with 20 000 m2 area thanks to we can handle 10 000 000 packages a year to 220 countries. Availability and the speed of goods delivery is essential. For fast delivery, usually within 24 hours, we use our own transport - line haul in combination with proven last mile carriers.

The use of technology in logistics operations is important for maintaining customer satisfaction. At Fulfillment by FHB Group, we use digital identifier technology - electronic tags with unique code that allows electronic tracking of each change and manipulation with the order. Tracking specific products, but also logistics vehicles, plays an important role in providing the necessary control and in planning routes for faster delivery.

Low error rate is ensured by the system of work, where goods and orders are weighed several times during the entire process of storage, pick & pack and shipping. Everything is done with connection to an information system that detects any deviations. The result is almost zero order picking error.

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