Expedition in Fulfillment: Package Handling in a Nutshell

As e-commerce continues to gain popularity, businesses are under increasing pressure to meet customer demands for fast and reliable delivery, accurate order tracking, and excellent customer service. To succeed in this environment, businesses must have an optimized fulfillment process capable of handling everything from order processing to delivery.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at key aspects of parcel processing and logistics and how third-party logistics can help businesses achieve their goals.

Fulfillment Center Operations

Fulfillment centers are the backbone of e-commerce logistics, providing a centralized location for order processing, inventory tracking, picking and packing, loading, and last-mile delivery. Fulfillment providers can help businesses reduce operating costs, improve delivery speed, and focus on their core business activities.

One of the key advantages of partnering with a third-party logistics (3PL) company is the ability to automate and optimize the fulfillment process using information systems such as warehouse management systems (WMS). These systems enable businesses to track inventory in real-time, monitor order status, and efficiently manage shipments.

With WMS, businesses can improve order accuracy and processing times, leading to faster shipping and increased customer satisfaction. In addition to WMS, many fulfillment providers offer other automation solutions, such as picking, packing, sorting, and more.

These solutions can help businesses reduce labor costs and improve efficiency, allowing them to handle a larger volume of orders in a shorter time.

Packaging and Shipping According to Current Trends

Efficient packaging and shipping are key components of successful e-commerce logistics. Companies must choose the right materials and carriers to ensure the protection of their products during transit and timely delivery to customers at acceptable costs.

Utilizing the services of a fulfillment center helps companies optimize their packaging and shipping processes by providing access to a wide range of shipping solutions.

A quality logistics provider also has partnerships with relevant carriers, offering favorable terms. Ideally, this involves a combination of in-house transportation solutions and the use of couriers for last-mile delivery.

Packaging optimization is another important aspect. By choosing the right packing materials and sizes, companies can reduce transportation costs, minimize their environmental impact, and improve customer satisfaction. This can include using smaller packaging, automated packaging, eco-friendly tapes, and more.

Continuous Overview in Storage

Storage and inventory management help companies store, control, and track their inventory in a centralized location. Outsourcing allows e-shops to not only save on storage costs but also improve the accuracy and control of their inventory.

There are several options, including fulfillment centers, distribution centers, and storage facilities, each offering unique benefits depending on the specific needs and goals of the business.

Fulfillment services may be ideal for businesses needing expedited processing, including picking, packing, last-mile delivery, and more. On the other hand, storage facilities may be more suitable for e-shops with long-term storage needs.

Effective inventory management is crucial for smooth storage, optimizing processes for orders and logistics. By using a WMS and other inventory tracking tools, companies can monitor inventory in real-time, reducing the risk of overstocking, stockouts, and improving order accuracy.

This helps avoid costly errors and delays, enhancing customer satisfaction even during seasonal peaks.

Additional Services Make the Difference

Reverse logistics, the process of handling returned products, should not be overlooked in logistics, especially now when customers often order products with the intention of returning some of them. Collaborating with a 3PL solution helps businesses ensure efficient and effective processing of returned products, enabling them to maintain customer satisfaction and minimize losses.

Equally important is the option for multiple payment methods, as online payment dominance may vary across countries. A suitable logistics partner understands these trends across markets and helps with the complete processing of cash-on-delivery, contributing to the competitiveness of e-shops.

However, excellent customer support should not be forgotten. This includes providing timely and accurate information on order status, tracking, promptly addressing customer issues and complaints, and ensuring on-time and intact product delivery.

Expedition in Fulfillment by FHB Group

Logistics and order processing are key pillars of success for an e-shop in the highly competitive e-commerce market. Fulfillment by FHB Group offers clients a comprehensive logistics solution based on their needs and current customer trends.

Order fulfillment involves multiple steps, starting with picking and sorting products. Subsequently, completed orders proceed to packaging, which can be done either through fully automated packaging lines or manual packaging.

Automated packaging has the advantage of operating on a fit-to-size packaging principle, where the machine scans and utilizes only the necessary volume of packaging material. This results in approximately half the amount of packaging material compared to regular manual packaging.

Consequently, more parcels fit into daily transport routes, which carry shipments to multiple countries. The carbon footprint of the shipment is then reduced, aligning with the current trend of environmentally conscious consumer preferences.

Clients have constant visibility of their goods and order status through the advanced Kika information system and the Zoe customer application. Among the company’s logistics services are the complete processing of cash-on-delivery and returned shipments.

As a result, clients are relieved of time-consuming and often financially burdensome tasks, allowing them to focus more on their core business activities. Whether it’s storage and inventory management, packaging and delivery, customer support, cash-on-delivery, or reverse logistics, Fulfillment by FHB Group assists businesses in achieving their goals and succeeding in the competitive world of e-commerce.

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