Case study: Fulfillment for international electronics retailer on Amazon

E-shop that wants expand.

We store, pack a deliver for this e-shop every type of product and as a result the owner does not have to worry about warehouse spaces and workers. Thanks to our systems and services the e-shop can fully dedicate to its business. E-shop is not limited by the big increase of orders, we are capable to deal with seasonal peaks and e-shop pays only for realized services. It can handle an expansion onto global market, because we can deliver its goods at cheap price thanks to big volumes to anywhere. Even e-shop from small country can operate worldwide.

Trade company from abroad needing to have its goods delivered into our region

We will secure import of goods from abroad. By integrating information systems our client have full view of what is being done with his goods. We offer cheaper services than would be paid in client´s domestic country. From our Slovak fulfilment house we can provide except for Slovak and middle Europe distribution also global distribution. Very advantageous choice for both European and global sellers of goods.

Manufacturer, importer, exporter, supplying, etc.

We deal with different forms of distribution according to individual needs of our client. It doesn´t matter if it is a package, pallet, container, truck, etc. We realize logistics outsourcing in a way that the goods are always successfully delivered to its customers.


Importio, a.s. is dealing with import of different consumer goods from Asia, South Africa and England. From the moment of establishment, this company handed over complete logistics to our company and regularly on a monthly basis we provide loading of approximately 5 trucks into our central warehouse. About 15 pallets of goods are addressed to be placed at Slovak market, then we consolidate the rest on a pallets and send it over to our partnered fulfilment companies in Poland and Estonia. Goods for Slovak market are being sent from our central warehouse by courier companies, or we secure supplying of retail partners by our own fleet of vehicles.


Slovak manufacturer of hand made ornaments handed over to us its worldwide distribution of its products. Thanks to really unique products and materials, it has customers in tens of countries and takes care of shipping international packages by delivery company UPS. Small manufacturer that consists of 5 employees produces about 100 pieces of ornaments every month, from which only 1 is directed to customer in Slovakia. It can be said that the global logistics is key for this manufacturer´s business. Its products found their customers even in Greenland, Guadalcanal Island, Seattle, Tierra del Fuego,… but also in more common places like Berlin, Moscow, Tokyo.

E-shop selling apparel accessories

Mr Michael had successful e-shop selling apparel accessories. Daily he had about 10 orders for accessories, which were needed to be packed and sent by post service. This common activity took him daily as much as 2 hours from his time. After calculating expenses related to this activity he found out that what would paid off much more for him would be to use services of, thanks to which he can dedicate more time to his business activities, than if he would continue to do these activities on his own.

E-shop selling climbing equipment

Mr Gregorsky was experienced climber, who could pride himself by having climbed to almost every possible moutain in northern hemisphere. At the same time he was running his own e-shop, selling climbing and hiking equipment. As time went by, the amount of orders was increasing and Mr Gregorsky found it harder and harder to combine his passion for climbing and business activity. He made an agreement with us for providing fulfilment services, thanks to which he can now manage his business from anywhere in the world having only internet connection.

E-shop with fully packed warehouse

Mrs Javorinska was a mother on a maternity leave, who was making some money by running an e-shop dealing with household utensils. With increasing number of orders the goods in her apartment have started to take more and more space. Because of increasing time needed for processing and shipping of orders, she now had less time to dedicate to her child. Mrs Javorinska finally decided to outsource these services by company In these days we provide for her warehousing and distribution operations, so she can enjoy her maternity.

Marketing agency Futurios

Marketing agency Futurios has a customer, who within his PR campaign decided to send every month 1 000 gifts to randomly chosen users of its services. For this agency the goods distribution is totally out of its core business and therefore it does not have any experience with it. So Futurios decided to make an agreement with us on using services provided by, including storage – it means that the worries related to gifts this agency handed over to At a given volume and one time sending the agency will get a discount, fulfil its client´s requirements and develop the range of offered services in future.

Increase of competitiveness: strengthening distribution channel

Company named Teleproducts was focusing on mail orders, selling big range of products from workout equipment to cosmetics products by telemarketing. To operate a warehouse and deal with distribution in-house was for this company for financial and human resources reasons difficult. Therefore company Tepeproducts decided for By this step company gained a strong partner, who secures complete distribution of goods at lower overall costs.

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