Fulfillment for international electronics retailer on Amazon

Fulfillment by FHB is a specialist in European logistics thanks to the line haul lines. That's why in 2019, the international consumer electronics retailer chose us as its solution within the EU for sales through marketplaces such as Amazon, Allegro, eBay, eMag.

This case study shows, that today we cover delivery for this company to all countries from our Bratislava central warehouse. With direct integration in platforms are customer orders online transferred to our system and paired with stock items. With over 5,000 different SKU items that are frequently change and innovated stock overview is a key thing for the company when planning to purchase goods. Electronics is expensive and rapidly change due to the fast development on the market. The entire logistics operation is planned Just-in-Time and the stock is minimal, only few days of current sale is in our stock shelves.

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Logistics seasonility management for toy eshop that has expanded to 10 european countries

Toys are very popular goods on the Internet. There are really many different types, from small model figures to bouncers, bicycles or children's kitchens.

The e-shop, that was founded in 2015, has been in stock since the beginning of its operation. Before launching marketing and developing the range, it had 100 orders per month. From one supplier, now it has more than 20 brands from 6 suppliers from the EU, Asia and the USA. Importantly, in 2019 it has started expansion into the EU, built local e-shops in 6 languages and regularly sells in another 4 countries from his German and English version.

Today the range includes more than 15,000 different SKU items (Stock keeping items) that it sells. Over 10,000 different goods are in stock, in total more than 150,000 pieces. The flow of goods is optimized, new goods and popular items from each supplier are stored weekly. Of course, we also help with localization, at the entrance and at the inbound, we label the goods and add translated instructions for the use to toys.

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Shipping customized goods of clothing manufacturer selling in V4 countries

We like challenges. The solution of shipping customized goods was exactly such a challenge as this case study shows.

Imagine corporate t-shirts. They have logo embroidered, they are in corporate colors and made to measure. Each company has a different logo, colors and number of required pieces. Now imagine that there are shirts, sweatshirts, work trousers, work vests, overalls, caps, reflective vests of various sizes, men's and women's versions and suddenly there are over 25,000 potential SKU items, unique items that our customer sell.

All goods are sold as standard, without logo or customized, branded clothing for a specific company. We managed the entire logistics over 18 months. Today we have 4 flows of goods towards the warehouse as well as 4 ways of packing at the exit.

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Distribution of goods for successful home decor e-commerce in Balkan

In the e-commerce world, the unexpected success can come. This is exactly what happened in 2017 to our customer, the Czech company that moved its entire warehouse to our stock.

The warehouse in Prague which they have been using since 2014, stopped to suit the location. The reason was simple. The company took advantage of the massive development of e-commerce in Romania and Bulgaria. The e-shop sells a wide range of household accessories - home decor segment. Imagine pillows, candles, vases, cutlery, sheets, goods where are really many design options.

In 2014, the company sold about 100 orders a day only within the Czech Republic. In 2016, this ratio changed fundamentally. Although Czech sales grew to 250 orders a day, Romania and Bulgaria made the same numbers year after year. Therefore, after the Christmas season 2016, they decided to move the stock to our Fulfillment by FHB - Svätý Jur warehouse. Even if you would think, why a Czech company has a warehouse in Slovakia in addition to a large and developed Prague?

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Logistics outsourcing of cosmetics importer to the EU

In 2020 the successful Slovak importer of the American cosmetics brand chose us as a new logistics partner. The cosmetics brand is successful in US, with sales of $ 1 billion. It is built on bio, sustainable principles. The brand directly required representation in our region. The Slovak company and its owner managed to obtain the status of an authorized importer for 5 countries - Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania. Their logistics demands have multiplied from day to day. They have evaluated the need to outsource the entire warehouse and shipping process.

The agreement also included release of B2C e-shops in all countries at once. Here the importer chose an experienced partner with e-shop technologies. Its platform has been directly connected to our API so the transfer of stock and orders was after short test seamless.

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Fulfillment for manufacturer and seller of bio food supplements

It is Czech-Polish food business, which excellently estimated the growth of interest in food and nutritional supplements. With its development in the Czech Republic and production factories in Poland, he decided to outsource logistics to our Fulfillment by FHB. In this business arrangement, they do not have to address the constant need for new parcel positions and the growth of B2B and B2C shipping.

The entire production batches in truck quantities come to the FHB warehouse logistics park in Senec. The production of both manufactures consolidates here and a weekly mix of pallets for B2B customers in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia are being prepared. There are approximately 250 stores on a weekly basis.

The B2C segment is represented through their own branded e-shops in these countries and mainly microsites e-shops for affiliate networks which are already all over Europe. Their organic food and nutritional supplements reach the customer directly. This kind of business is really growing fast.

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3PL logistics for German electronics brand – the second warehouse location in the EU

An international brand - an electronics manufacturer from Germany - announced in 2018 a tender to address its situation with insufficient logistics capacity in the central warehouse.

The company looked at this decision strategically. It received offers from dozens of logistics companies from Germany and Europe. FHB succeeded in the first and second rounds and after demanding more than a year of IT and process integration we started shipping orders in 2019.

However, the whole case study deserves more text because of the uniqueness of integrated processes where we solve online connection of all steps in logistics.

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