It is Czech-Polish food business, which excellently estimated the growth of interest in food and nutritional supplements. With its development in the Czech Republic and production factories in Poland, he decided to outsource logistics to our Fulfillment by FHB.

In this business arrangement, they do not have to address the constant need for new parcel positions and the growth of B2B and B2C shipping. The entire production batches in truck quantities come to the FHB warehouse logistics park in Senec. The production of both manufactures consolidates here and a weekly mix of pallets for B2B customers in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia are being prepared. There are approximately 250 stores on a weekly basis.

The B2C segment is represented through their own branded e-shops in these countries and mainly microsites e-shops for affiliate networks which are already all over Europe. Their organic food and nutritional supplements reach the customer directly. This kind of business is really growing fast.

Let's take a closer look. We shipped 1,500 orders with 5,000 pieces of goods in January 2020.

And what about January 2021? It was 25,000 orders with 150,000 pieces of their products through ecommerce in a single month.

If the company operated its own logistics, then managing a 30-fold increase in shipped pieces in one year is not easy. Their decision to outsource to a service provider with extensive packaging automation was the best possible business step in the company's history.

Growth plans do not end. Manufactures in Poland plan to receive new filling lines for dry food. There is potential to double the turnover for 2022 and 2023 to become an already important food producer in the CEE region.