In 2020 the successful Slovak importer of the American cosmetics brand chose us as a new logistics partner. The cosmetics brand is successful in US, with sales of $ 1 billion. It is built on bio, sustainable principles. The brand directly required representation in our region.

The Slovak company and its owner managed to obtain the status of an authorized importer for 5 countries - Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania. Their logistics demands have multiplied from day to day. They have evaluated the need to outsource the entire warehouse and shipping process.

The agreement also included release of B2C e-shops in all countries at once. Here the importer chose an experienced partner with e-shop technologies. Its platform has been directly connected to our API so the transfer of stock and orders was after short test seamless.

More than a year of active cooperation we shipped over 1,500 B2B larger aggregate complex orders of the entire range to partner stores. Our customer managed over 20,000 orders within e-commerce which is a great success for the new cosmetics brand in the region. We have big plans on the table for 2022. Gaining representation for Slovenia, Bulgaria, Serbia and taking over the license from the Austrian company for Austria and German market. This would mean a multiple increase in turnover in 12 months.

The advantage of FHB is the logistics coverage of all EU markets. Our customer only solves how to increase sales volumes without worrying about shipping orders or space.