Toys are very popular goods on the Internet. There are really many different types, from small model figures to bouncers, bicycles or children's kitchens.

The e-shop, that was founded in 2015, has been in stock since the beginning of its operation. Before launching marketing and developing the range, it had 100 orders per month. From one supplier, now it has more than 20 brands from 6 suppliers from the EU, Asia and the USA. Importantly, in 2019 it has started expansion into the EU, built local e-shops in 6 languages and regularly sells in another 4 countries from his German and English version.

Today the range includes more than 15,000 different SKU items (Stock keeping items) that it sells. Over 10,000 different goods are in stock, in total more than 150,000 pieces. The flow of goods is optimized, new goods and popular items from each supplier are stored weekly. Of course, we also help with localization, at the entrance and at the inbound, we label the goods and add translated instructions for the use to toys.

What is the key for our customer, exactly the e-shop, is seasonality. There is of course a huge interest in toys at Christmas – because of gifts. What a big challenge it is for logistics, here are some numbers. The e-shop has around 700-1000 orders per day with need for 350 parcel places of goods. When Christmas goods and supplies arrive in the warehouse in October until the middle of December the need for storage increases up to 3 times. We provide the customer with space for 1000 parcel of goods which means around 30 trucks at a time. The same upward swing comes in orders. A successful start to the season and Black Friday serves up to 15,000 orders in 3 days, 5 times higher than the normal numbers. Till December 20th we continuously ship over 3,000 orders a day with the fact that the orders are larger even in the number of pieces of goods, so it means increase by more than 4 times compared to the average of the year.

As we manage all of this with automation and preparation for the season and all year round, we have the capacity for "summer" and "winter" e-shops. Summer highlights are sunglasses, hiking clothing, swimwear, garden and sports equipment and in winter the most interested goods are toys, books, perfumes and cosmetics.