Technologies, but also their software options in the e-commerce environment, are currently setting the pace of the entire industry. In order to maintain competitiveness against other sellers, it is therefore necessary to regularly invest in the improvement of information system and also in the automation of processes.

This is also our goal, as information systems play a fundamental role in logistics today. Their software capabilities can manage shipping, transportation, COD settlement, returns management, and many other points of the logistics process.

They also connect the most modern technologies. This gives us, as well as our e-commerce clients, a constant overview of the goods, their movement, volumes, and status of orders.

At the same time, this also eliminates the percentage of package errors, which we currently record at almost zero. The client does not have to worry about logistics, and using our complex services can save considerable costs.

First class information system

Our fulfillment services are complemented by high-quality software prepared and regularly improved by top IT technicians. For internal processes we use the WMS (Warehouse management system) app Kika and for the connection with the web client interface, the app Zoe. The connection of data between us and the customer takes place via API.

Through the WMS system, we ensure a smooth and transparent process for receiving and storing products, orders, warehouse distribution, delivery, and many other steps. The physical cycle of the goods begins with the first scanning of the barcode upon receipt of the product, which enters it into the system.

The Kika app then registers the products, assigns them positions, designates them for picking, packing, and delivery. Every handling of the goods is accompanied by scanning, thanks to which we can find out at any time whether the receipt matches the delivered goods, how many goods are in stock, where they are located, or what the status is in the management of cash on delivery, returns, etc.

If the customer decides to return the goods, you can see the processed returns and documents, such as reports and photos, again in the system. Data between us, you and your customers can be transferred in various ways, while for example we also send information SMS or emails to customers before delivery.

The interface for the customer is the Zoe client app, which offers several functions. Thanks to that, you have a perfect overview and easy work with orders, warehouse, and shipments.

In real time on the web or in xml/excel outputs, you can see the goods in stock, movements of each item, imported customer orders and related documents (invoices, delivery notes, expenses, and others). After processing in our system and warehouse, the goods are transferred to shipments - with confirmation of dispatch, tracking number with the carrier, and price for service and transportation.

Apps are set for user-friendly mode, which makes their use not only useful and informative for clients but also easy to control. In addition, we will guide you through our system, explain it, or you can contact us at any time with questions.

As part of more advanced integration, we can even provide an invoicing module for international mail order sales, and a payment processing module for processing cash on delivery. The same goes for online pricing of parcel shipping to the world; complete management of returns, including crediting and payment of money; warehouse records of goods with expiry dates; big data analysis of sales and purchases to the warehouse; and more.

The information system also remembers various integrations with different marketplaces and other e-commerce platforms. Our clients can seamlessly connect their activities with our system, for example, with platforms such as Shopify, BaseLinker, Shoptet, EasySales, PrestaShop, Metakocka, SuperFaktúra, and others.

Advantages of using our information systems

Creating functional information systems in logistics costs a lot of time, effort, and money. This may not be worthwhile for every e-commerce business, which we can help with.

A satisfied customer is the best advertisement, and it is information systems that make work with goods more efficient, speed up delivery and bring opportunities to improve the consumer's experience when ordering. From the point of view of the e-shop, it is worthwhile to use a first-class system, which brings even smaller companies the opportunities of big players on the market.

In addition, when we add the most modern technologies to the information system, we can save on costs in the long term or even reduce the carbon footprint of the shipment. There is also no risk that we will be surprised by seasonal peaks in orders, which can usually create unpleasant delays, especially for smaller or medium-sized e-shops.

The biggest advantages resulting from quality information systems:

  • Increasing productivity and efficiency in processes
  • Transparency about the status of goods and orders
  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Speed of storage, sorting, picking, packing and delivery of the shipment
  • Elimination of package errors
  • Lower costs
  • Reducing the risk of a shortage of workers on the market, replacing employees
  • Coping with seasonal peaks
  • Better use of warehouse space,,