What determines the fulfillment price? What information is needed for pricing?

Price for fulfillment services differ mainly depending on the type of goods, the number of packages to individual countries, the number of SKUs, or other factors. The price offer for the services will be sent to you immediately based on information about your goods and needs, such as:

  • type of goods, their size and weight,
  • volume of shipments per month,
  • countries of delivery and number of packages to each country,
  • need for storage space (or quantity of goods),
  • number of items in orders,
  • number of SKUs,
  • number of single-item and multi-item orders,
  • type of packaging material,
  • inserted documents,
  • and others.

Your previous data output, which contains the information above, will also help to calculate the price more accurately.

How and what do we invoice?

Invoice of services are usually divided into 4 parts, which are warehousing, picking and packaging, delivery services, and additional services:

  • Warehousing is charged, either for use of boxes (60x40x22 (12) cm), or pallet spaces (1m2) during the month. Besides the storage of goods, the service also includes physical handling of goods, registration, receipt or issue of products.
  • The pick and pack service is usually charged for each individual package, taking into account the number of items in the package. The fulfillment price includes storage, picking, sorting, packaging, finalization, attaching documents, preparation for safe transport, processing of information and documents needed for packaging, preparing and expedition of needed things, packaging material, etc. Unlike other companies, which charge a rate for each individual act, we usually charge a rate for the entire process, including packaging material. As a customer, you have a greater overview of what the service really costs you.
  • Delivery services are also charged for each individual package, taking into account the weight of the packages. The price includes delivery of goods to individual customers. Thanks to our daily routes to European countries, in combination with proven couriers for the last mile, parcels are delivered quickly and under control. We also deal with returns and cash on delivery (COD).
  • Besides using our basic services, clients also have the opportunity to use several Additional services. These can be, for example, labeling, customer support, co-packing and completion, out-of-scope inventories, etc. These are usually charged per hour or calculated per unit.

The offer of our services also includes a Cross-docking system (distribution based on immediate transfer of goods without the need for storage).

Services are usually invoiced once a month. The invoice also includes a document with the billing information for individual services at agreed prices. You also have an overview of the services used in the software interface.

How to become our client?

The first step in outsourcing logistics is to contact us, either by phone or via email at marketing@fhb.sk. We will go through your needs together and, based on them, prepare a fulfillment price offer for our services.

Upon agreement, the process of mutual integration can begin. We will guide you through each step of integration. We will explain how our systems work, which, of course, you will be able to try. Gradually, the first testing begins, followed by full operation. Our services are utilized by clients from around the world, and we always approach the integration process responsibly, considering the needs of each e-shop. Take a look at our case studies as well as various situations we have managed to resolve.

Do not hesitate and contact us.