The busiest parts of the season are characterized by a higher volume of orders than during normal days. The most popular peak in the e-commerce environment is shopping for Christmas.

However, more intensive purchases also take place outside of this part of the season and can be tied to, for example, a certain day of the week, a holiday, or a special event at the e-shop. At Fulfillment by FHB Group, we most often encounter the following peak seasons:

1. Monday rush

When people are at home, they shop. At the beginning of the week, logistics has to catch up with the orders created during the weekend. Compared to a normal working day, we record an increase in the volume of orders, sometimes by half or even double.

Our duty as a 3PL fulfillment company is to handle this rush of orders. Our guarantee of success is therefore advanced automation, an IT system, and sufficient machine and human capacities.

At the same time, the whole process is accelerated by our own network of daily transport lines abroad. Thanks to them, we can process the order immediately and deliver it within 24 hours throughout Europe.

2. Christmas season

Traditionally, this most important part of the season from the point of view of retail and logistics begins with Black Friday and runs until almost Christmas Day. Currently, its duration has extended, with its onset recorded as early as October, and its duration noted due to various post-Christmas sales lasting until the first weeks of January.

During the peak, order volumes are roughly double what they are on normal days, posing a logistical challenge. However, we record the growth of e-commerce customers and orders every year.

As a result, we work throughout the year to build reserves and sufficient capacity in order to be ready for the Christmas rush of shipments. During the busiest parts of the year, we can process or pack tens of thousands of shipments during the day.

Thanks to this, customers will find their gifts under the tree at the right time without any delays.

3. Discount events

If the merchant wants to promote the sale of popular products, he will prepare a discount campaign for consumers. They significantly increase the volume of orders and also create another peak for logistics.

Therefore, the choice of a fulfillment partner should also include its flexibility regarding orders during the year. For example, through adaptation in the processing of shipments with a similar form of sales support.

From day to day, shipments may also contain various vouchers or promotional materials from the e-shop. The e-commerce seller doesn´t have to use the higher volume of orders only for the sale itself, but also for the promotion of his products.

Mutual communication between the fulfillment service provider and the seller can greatly simplify and streamline the busy period or the client's needs. Therefore, our customers have the opportunity to use the services of our employees, who will ensure that everything goes quickly and without problems.