The fulfillment possibilities for e-commerce customers are huge. The service is designed for a wide spectrum of clients, regardless of their location. Various e-shops utilize external logistics, selling products through platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, and others, as well as larger commercial and manufacturing companies. The services are also used by companies that need to store goods or occasionally send various gift or loyalty materials. In short, we bring you an overview of who can get the most out of our services.


  1. Eshops - The size or country of operation of the eshop does not matter. We offer our services internationally, which the client can adapt to his needs. We deal with a variety of products, from consumer goods such as nutritional supplements, clothing, toys, through pet supplies, parts for products, exercise equipment, books, until various types of electronics, such as phones, tablets, consoles, and many others.
  2. Companies selling through Amazon (FBM, FBA) - We can also offer a suitable solution for clients who offer their products through the Amazon, Allegro, Ebay, and other platforms. Whether through FBM, which is when the e-shop is responsible for the dispatch of orders created on websites, but also in the form of FBA, where we provide preparation for Amazon, for example by pre-packaging, marking of goods or transport to one of their warehouses. From a product perspective, it can also be a variety of consumer goods, electronics, and many other products.
  3. Mail orders businesses - Neither the distribution of catalogs nor orders from them are missing in our offer of services. In such cases, clients often offer various books, clothes, tools, garden supplies and similar goods.
  4. Discount portal sellers - The offer of discount goods may differ, but from the point of view of capacities and thorough sorting of products within our services, this is not a problem. Such products may include various household supplements, lifestyle products, vitamins, and other products.
  5. MLM sellers - Fulfillment offers solutions to sellers who do not have sufficient storage capacity. We can adapt to orders and supply distributor in a fast time. Customers can distribute and sell a variety of cosmetics, from creams to parfumes, as well as smaller or larger electronics, exercise equipment and many other products.
  6. Retail store - Not every retail store can afford to run their own warehouse. Our capacities in providing the fulfillment service can store the client's goods, to which we can supply them according to his needs and requirements. The client can also run an e-shop, for which we can easily ensure logistics. The assortment of any goods is not an obstacle.


  1. Manufacturers and trade companies - A manufacturer who decides to outsource his logistics to a 3PL company does not have to deal with the need for pallet positions or with the growth of B2B and B2C shipping. He can store his products or goods with us, where we can already distribute products among his B2B clients throughout Europe. We have experience, for example, with organic groceries, nutritional supplements, and others, and it can also be other consumer products.
  2. Importers and exporters - The market is increasingly international, which suits companies around the world. Gradually, more and more companies import their products to the European market, which automatically increases their logistics requirements. The solution is therefore the outsourcing of products in 3PL warehouses, where the complete delivery process of orders will then come in handy. It can be managed for either B2B or B2C clients. From the point of view of goods, it can be, for example, cosmetics, electronics, but also a foreign sports team and others.
  3. Supply services - For wholesale companies operating mainly in several countries, the operation of their own warehouses can be costly, but also complicated in terms of the regulations in each country. The capacities and know-how of the 3PL company are ready for such obstacles, which makes supply all the easier.
  4. Regular logistics of consumer materials for subscribers

Internal goods

  1. Spare parts supply - Manufacturing companies are dependent on spare parts for various equipment. However, their storage may limit free capacities, or their reordering may be unnecessarily long. The advantage of 3PL fulfillment services is fast sorting and delivery of parts to the factory, which shortens the delivery time and unused potential of the production equipment. In the case of parts, these can be, for example, small or large parts, as well as in various materials.
  2. Marketing agencies and promotional products - A company that produces, for example, corporate clothing offers several types and pieces of goods. These can be, for example, T-shirts with or without a company logo, in various sizes or colors and more. Logistically, it is a nightmare, but our services can be adapted to each client. It can be, for example, work or promotional clothes, various accessories such as coffee cups, keychains, and others.
  3. Marketing and promo materials for sellers
  4. Group of retail stores with a central warehouse
  5. Gift and loyalty programs
  6. Institutions and their promotional materials