Integration between Baselinket and Fulfillment by FHB Group.

Outsource logistics with BaseLinker integration

E-commerce sales and logistics are two pillars that must work together in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes and to make everything run smoothly and efficiently. This is especially true when it comes to outsourcing logistics to third parties.

The process involves a large volume of data that must be transferred from one system to another in a safe, error-free, and simple manner. The new integration between Fulfillment by FHB Group and the BaseLinker e-commerce platform will make it easier for clients with more than just logistics. 

The transfer of data for customer orders, goods in warehouses, cash on delivery and other data will also be easier. And that is only a fraction of the possibilities that integration offers when moving the e-shop one step further ahead of the competition.

A solution for everyone 

The BaseLinker integration platform simplifies the operation of the e-shop and expands the possibilities of offering products immediately on several e-commerce platforms. Sales can take place on several channels while orders are always in one place. 

However, many e-shops need help with logistics, so even with the BaseLinker, clients have the option to connect systems with Fulfillment by FHB Group. This is thanks to the integration, which makes it possible to connect the e-shop via the API interface with the company’s warehouse information system

An API (Application Programming Interface), also known as an application programming environment, helps with integration between platforms. Simply put, an e-shop that wants to outsource logistics to a third party needs to get data into the provider’s information system. 

Through integration, data about orders, stock levels, cash on delivery, or returned shipments can flow smoothly from one system to another. E-shop has a constant overview of everything it needs to know, and the logistics take place quickly and without any complications.

Speed and a zero error rate 

In practice, the new integration works as follows. An e-shop that sells through Amazon will receive new orders. 

They travel automatically thanks to the integration into the warehouse information system of Fulfillment by FHB Group. Thanks to this, the logistics process begins immediately, where the goods are picked from the warehouse, go through packaging, finalization, and are delivered to the customer within 24 to 48 hours. 

The automated process with data, but also when working with the order, takes care of the quick processing of the shipment, while there is no risk of unnecessary errors or delays. And not even during the busiest parts of the season, such as the Christmas season.

Who can use the integration? 

The integration is prepared for Fulfillment by FHB Group clients who have agreed on a deal for the provision of fulfillment services. If you are interested in outsourcing logistics or want to learn more, contact us at [email protected] or call us at +421 948 003 129.

Fulfillment by FHB Group services are suitable for a wide range of e-commerce clients. Smaller, medium-sized, but also larger e-shops that either have problems with managing their logistics or want to expand their business to new markets will find their advantages. 

After the agreement on the provision of services, our experts will guide you through the process of integration with the BaseLinker e-commerce platform, the information system, and the entire fulfillment process.

Advantages of outsourcing logistics to Fulfillment by FHB Group

  • Ideal location in the heart of Europe – Warehouses are located in the heart of Europe, near Slovakia’s capital.The advantageous location enables delivery within a few hours, whether to Western or Eastern European countries
  • Daily linehauls overtake couriers – a network of own daily lines combined with courier companies for last-mile delivery
  • Know-how and opportunities of big players – many years of experience with international e-commerce logistics using the most modern technologies on the market
  • Zero error-rate of the process – the top own information system ensures zero error-rate in the fulfillment process
  • Say goodbye to peak season – process automation and adequate capacity will prevent delays and problems even during seasonal peaks
  • European COD solution – complete processing of cash on delivery in multiple currencies with currency conversion and regular sending of money to the client’s account in a 1:1 ratio
  • All returns lead back to the warehouse – management of returned shipments, where the goods are checked, visually recorded, or re-stored
  • Top-quality warehouses – quality “A” class warehouses with modern four-story mezzanine shelving system that guarantee maximum use of space
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