The set standard may not suit every e-shop, so more and more clients are looking for outsourcing services that can adapt to their needs. Our offer is no exception, as we are constantly working on developing the complexity of fulfillment services.

In addition to the classic fulfillment options, e-commerce clients have a choice of several additional activities that mainly relate to working with goods. These are made possible by various modern technologies and a top warehouse information system, which can automatically include them in the fulfillment process.

In most cases, the client does not come into contact with the physical pieces of the products he sells. You can therefore rely on the flexibility of our services, and, upon agreement, we provide several additional services related to the storage and export of goods or technical matters.

In the following paragraphs, you will find an overview of the additional activities we offer. Of course, the complexity of the services is essential for us, so we can adapt the services to the client's needs after reaching an agreement.

Options for receiving and storing goods

  1. Special sorting of goods upon receipt – Some clients do not send their goods to our warehouse personally, but it come to us from distributors or manufacturers. Sometimes, it happens that the goods are disorganized or do not match the data on the receipt. In this case, we will additionally sort the goods, record what the delivery contains, and then inform the client via the client application.
  2. Labeling – It is also common if the goods do not contain barcodes. However, they are essential for flawless sorting and then export of products. Therefore, we additionally provide the service of adding barcodes to products, where we print them and add them to the goods.
  3. Cross-docking and repacking – Not every type of product requires storage. Some of them go to their customers immediately after being received in the warehouse. In addition, if necessary, we can repackage the shipments in other packaging materials or add the client's branding.
  4. Returns (non-delivered and returned shipments) – A big trend around the world is ordering multiple products, for example, clothing in multiple sizes or colors, and then sending back the ones that don´t fit. We manage such returns, where our workers take over the returned goods, check them, record their condition in writing and visually, and then send the client a report. He decides whether he wants to put the goods back into storage or whether we should send the goods back to his headquarters. Returns also consist of undelivered shipments, which the workers will unpack, check, and re-store.
  5. Ensuring translations and localization of products for other markets – The e-commerce market is increasingly international, so it is common for one e-shop to export products to several countries around the world. In that case, it is necessary to adapt the instructions to several languages or even localize the products. If the e-shop cannot do this, in that case, we can provide translation and localization of materials into the languages of the countries where the products are delivered.

Additional services for sorting and packing

  1. Co-packing and completion of the shipmentIn the case that several products form one product, we also have experience with their completion when registering the order in the system. The process is that we unload, pack, and send the product to the customer.
  2. Foiling and packaging for a gift presentation – Clients use this service if they want to guarantee safer deliveries or if they need the package in a gift presentation.
  3. Branding packaging – Package is the customer's first experience with the product. Therefore, if it is complemented by the seller's brand, he can rely on a positive experience with the order during his next purchase. If the client requires packaging material with the e-shop brand, we can use it for all of his orders or just for those that he requires branded packaging for.
  4. Quality control – In our warehouses, the products are in the best conditions and handled in the best possible way. However, if the client is interested in additional quality control of the product, i.e., whether it meets all the requirements, there is no problem for us to provide it.
  5. Customized packaging – The brand doesn´t have to be the only thing that must be included in the shipment. For example, more and more often, customers require, for example, ecological packaging, where, after agreement with the e-shop, we use paper fillings, tapes, or customization of boxes. Packaging may contain many other conditions that the client needs for his orders, which we can easily provide.
  6. Insertion of additional materials – Such materials or documents most often include various promotional products, such as flyers, thank-you letters, and coupons, but also manuals and similar items.

Additional services for transport and management with orders

  1. Cash on Delivery management – Each country has its customs and preferred payment methods. Therefore, it's beneficial if customers have the option to pay for the shipment via cash on delivery. Couriers collect the money, we manage it, and then send it to the client's account. We can process cash on delivery for e-commerce clients throughout the European Union.
  2. Customer support – Sometimes customers need to additionally find out more information about the status of their order, resolve complaints about undelivered shipments, or other problems or situations. In that case, they can contact our customer support, where we will help them with their request.
  3. Integration of information systems with the e-shop – The entire fulfillment process simplifies the connection of information systems through our Zoe client application and the e-shop via the API interface. The client has a complete overview of the volumes of stored goods and orders.
  4. Integration on several marketplaces – Online sales also take place on various platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, Woocommerce, Metakocka, Shoptet and the like. At Amazon, we provide the service Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), but also Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). We can connect our information system with several applications, which significantly simplifies the outsourcing of your logistics.
  5. Programming work – There will be situations when the client needs help with various system connections, to adjust the system environment, or when setting up the interface for various e-commerce platforms. In that case, we have at our disposal a top team of computer scientists who can come up with high-quality IT solutions.