In the e-commerce world, there are various ways customers can pay for their orders created on the e-shop. The basic division is simple – online payment or cash on delivery. New technologies and ongoing progress add further payment options, whether in the online environment, such as Paypal, cryptocurrencies, and the like. Of course, delivery companies also modernize their processes, and thanks to mobile payment terminals, recipients can pay not only in cash but directly with a payment card to the delivering courier.

Fulfillment by FHB Group provides pan-European processing of cash on delivery for customers. It is a process where the recipient pays upon receiving the package through the delivering courier – either in cash or with the mentioned card. These cash or cashless funds are then processed, credited to our consolidation bank accounts, and, thanks to the information system – matching - you receive them in your company bank account exactly 1:1.

Track you cash on delivery payments with client app Zoe.

COD - Cash on delivery payments have advantages in the spontaneity of the purchase - this payment method, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, is still preferred by 30 to 80 percent of customers. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia it is for example 72 %, in Romania 69 %, in Slovenia 53 % and in Hungary 54 %. Due to these details, cash on delivery remains an important payment method that can bring groups of customers to the e-shop who still prefer to pay for the goods upon receipt.

With logistics outsourcing from Fulfillment by FHB Group, you can handle the complete processing of cash on delivery in all EU countries with one partner, emphasizing processing in local currencies – CZK in the Czech Republic, RON in Romania, BGN in Bulgaria, HRK in Croatia, HUF in Hungary, PLN in Poland, and, of course, EUR in other states.

Fulfillment by FHB Group processes payments for you, and as an e-commerce seller, you only need one bank account in EUR. We will take care of clearing payments for every single package and managing retaliation from 50+ courier and postal companies within the EU.