By Pick & Pack services we mean picking, assembling, packing and dispatch of goods and appropriate documents (invoices, bills of delivery, etc.) in boxes, envelopes, pallets or in any other form for a secure transport, and processing of information and documents that are needed for Pick & Pack.

The goods are dispatched in a same day without your worries about packages and without need to wait for a parcel service or having to go to a post office.

Within the service itself we are providing these operations:
- receiving and processing client´s orders information
- documents processing (invoices, bills of delivery, etc.)
- pick & pack of order
- procurement of packaging material
- preparation of  goods for sale – packing into packages, etiquettes, inserting manuals, etc.
- making of output documents and shipping labels
- optimization of shipping
- returns and claims management

All operations mentioned above are being done thanks to information system that secures minimal occurrence of errors during the process.

We are also using different modern technological appliances as fully automated packaging line CVP Everest, software driven conveyors, vertical conveyors, lifts, processing ports, pda scanners etc.. For example, thanks to the automatic packaging machine we can pack large volumes of parcels and manage fluctuation in number of packages on weekends and in peak season. Fit to size packaging enable us to minimize packaging damages and from ecological point of view to reduce the carbon footprint.

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