Fulfillment process includes the following operations :

Storage of your goods in our warehouses – your goods go directly to our warehouse (either directly from your supplier or from you), and after that we check and register it and store.

You get an order from your customer and make an invoice (documents). After that you resend order information and documents (invoice, bill of delivery, etc.) to our system – via xml export, API, uploading to web application or email.

Picking – we start processing an order by finding the ordered product in warehouse

Packing – we pack the product and prepare it for shipping

Cross-docking is also possible (distribution based on instant transfer without storage of goods)

We select the most advantageous type of transport and the goods transform into a parcel.

Then we inform the buyer via sms message/e-mail.

We deliver the goods (by courier, postal service or personal pick up) to a buyer.

We solve returns of goods (also in other countries).

If there is a COD - cash on delivery payment for the goods, it will be directed to your account and you will be given all the documents.

Thanks to information system - API connection and web application you are fully informed for the whole time.

Payment for our services is done once a month based on the end-of-the-month report with invoice.

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