First-class storage facilities await our customers' goods, covering an area of up to tens of thousands of square meters. The warehouse location is in the middle of Europe. This gives us a strategic advantage, as we can deliver goods to most countries in Europe and the world in a short time with our direct linehauls. We operate our main warehouses in Slovakia, specifically in Svätý Jur and Senec, and we also have branches in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland.

We can store various types of products in different sizes on our premises. These can be, for example, various organic and nutritional products, sports and classic clothing, electronics, but also other consumer goods, such as cosmetics, pet supplies, jewelry, toys, exercise supplies, books, and much more.

Taking into account the size and type of the products, we store the goods either in boxes in a four-storey mezzanine shelving system, or on pallets in pallet racks. We provide storage facilities for both continuous storage of goods intended for shipment as well as handling space for packaging and shipping purposes.

The warehousing service in our company consists of several steps:

  1. Receipt - Our employees receive the goods based on the receipt that you enter into the system before sending. The packages will be inspected for damage during transport, and we will inform you if a problem occurs.
  2. Storage - The next step is to verify that the received goods contain all the products that you have entered into the system. Using a barcode, we upload the goods piece by piece into the system and then store them in boxes.
  3. Warehousing - The goods go by conveyors to a specified position in the warehouse, which is assigned by our warehouse information system, called Kika. The assigned position is confirmed in the system after storing the goods, and thus the goods are ready for the next process.
  4. Assigning barcodes to goods - In order to eliminate the risk of errors and ensure that the client has a complete overview of the goods in stock, it is essential that the products contain their barcodes. Based on them, they are assigned a stack on a pallet or box, which has its own barcode and determines the position in the warehouse. If the goods do not have a barcode, we can add it additionally.
  5. Goods registration - We register goods through our internal information system. The client also has access to the goods register, which can monitor the status of its stocks using our client web application, Zoe, which can be connected to the client's software via API.
  6. Entry checks, visual checks - Upon receipt of the goods, the staff carefully inspects the package to ensure that no damage has occurred. If they find deficiencies, they immediately register, document, and report them.
  7. Documents (delivery notes) - We confirm the receipt of the goods on the delivery notes. The client thus has all the necessary documents for the service used.
  8. Inventories - To make sure that the goods are fine during storage and that the numbers are the same as in our system, we make inventories on a regular basis. This is done by scanning the barcodes, which also confirms whether the volumes in the storage area are sitting.

In warehouses and their functioning, we try to keep up with the modern world as much as possible. Automation and informatization of the process can significantly speed up and simplify not only the entire warehousing process, but also the next steps of fulfillment. We therefore maintain the warehouse equipment at the highest quality, which is confirmed by extensive multi-storey mezzanine shelving systems, modern trucks, software-controlled conveyors, screw conveyors, elevators, up to our internal information system, Kika, and personal digital assistants (PDAs) for all employees, or other modern equipment.

Safety is also a very important part of our warehouses. Therefore, we constantly monitor the entire warehouse, including employees and visitors. We have a reserved space in stock for more valuable products, which is additionally locked and only a few selected employees have access there. There are pleasant conditions in our warehouses without temperature fluctuations or humidity.

There is minimal chance of the product being lost or damaged. The goods are insured at purchase prices.

You only pay for storage services as much as you have stored goods in a given month. Once a month, you will receive a complete invoice for the services you use with us. You can even easily verify them based on information from the information system.