We are dealing with distribution of goods under one roof – we store, pack and deliver your goods and parcels. Without your worries and cheaper. For all kinds of goods and seizes of packages or pallets.

Order fulfillment/fulfillment, in general, means complete logistics process from the moment of sale until the delivery of product to end customer realized by specialized company. It is commonly understood as a distribution of goods (in parcels, envelopes or on pallets) to end customer by a third party – provider of fulfillment services. Simply said, fulfillment is everything that is needed to be done by provider from the moment of getting an order until the order is succesfully processed and the product is delivered to buyer.

Company providing these services of logistics outsourcing is called fulfillment house, or 3PL provider (third party logistics provider). The biggest provider in Central Europe is our company FHB Group.

The fulfillment process includes operations like warehousing, picking, packing, delivering (transport-parcel service) of third partie´s goods, all this thanks to application of information systems and modern technologies as fully automated packaging line CVP Everest, software driven conveyors, parcel sorter, vertical conveyors, lifts, processing ports, pda scanners etc. For us, automation is essential to ensure the smoothness and faultlessness of provided services, which leads in turn to customer satisfaction.

The service is for all the companies dealing with physical goods. These are mostly e-shops, mail order businesses, exporters, importers, manufacturers, promotional materials, spare parts, consumer goods, companies selling through Amazon etc.

Warehousing and packing take place in our warehouses. Delivery of goods can be done anywhere in Central Europe, all over Europe and even worldwide, and thanks to our big volume for great prices. The great advantage is that we can quickly deliver the goods to the end customer by our own linehauls in combination with proven last mile carriers. We also solve returns and settlement of cash on delivery (COD) payments.

Benefits of fulfillment are undoubtful:

 - saving of time. You will have more time for main business activities
- radical decrease of expenditures on logistics thanks to our specialization and range of services
- implementation of our system and know-how
- faster growth of your company

Nowadays, an efficient solution of logistics and distribution of goods is one of the most important success factors, mostly concerning trade companies.

We are looking forward to our cooperation.

Ľubomír Fogaš                      Peter Horník
managing partners

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