In the world of e-commerce, fast, reliable, and flawless delivery is a critical factor for success. Through our services, clients can deliver packages throughout Europe and the world.

Our daily transport lines will help them reach as many markets as possible, but they will also enjoy other benefits, such as a pan-European cash-on-delivery solution and many more. We are capable to deliver the parcel the next working day in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, the Baltic States and other countries.

We use our own transportation network for delivering packages, which includes vehicles of different sizes, in combination with relevant courier companies for last-mile delivery. As we handle a large volume of shipments daily, we have negotiated more favorable rates with all global delivery companies. This is a significant advantage for e-shops with a limited number of orders, as they often face higher delivery costs based on volume.

Our direct transport lines (line haul) depart to multiple countries every day, including CZ, HU, PL, RO, SLO, FR, HR, BG, AT, DE, SWZ, and IT. In most cases, packages are transported to certain countries on the same day the order is registered and handed over to couriers for last-mile delivery to customers.

Delivery, based on our ideal location in the center of Europe, is faster in most cases than when using only a courier company. It does not require as many stops or processing steps for each package, allowing us to deliver within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the order.

On their way back, our drivers also collect returned or undelivered parcels, which they then bring to our return offices across Europe, or they pick up already recorded and processed returned goods from them and transport them to the warehouse. The transport route is thus optimally efficient with respect to both environmental and economic factors.

Our transport network therefore offers multiple advantages to your e-shop and business. The most significant ones are:

  1. Speed – our transportation solution is, in some cases, faster than using an external courier company that utilizes depot networks.
  2. Lower transportation coststhe cost of transportation using our own linehauls can be lower compared to purely courier delivery.
  3. Potential for expansion – a greater chance of getting the e-shop and its reach into new foreign markets.
  4. Reliability – better tracking, monitoring, and safety of goods during transit.
  5. Greater control over delivery – expressed in faster and flawless delivery of packages to customers. The possibility to better intervene in unexpected situations (weather, traffic jams).
  6. Adapted services to the needs of e-shops – able to offer better flexibility in terms of the needs of e-shops and their consumers.
  7. Competitive advantage – opens the doors of opportunities of major players in the e-commerce market.
  8. Better optimization – more pronounced efficiency in delivery.
  9. Freedom in transportation – lower dependence on courier companies and their schedules.

Delivery in action

We deliver parcels to customers (individuals) as well as to companies (regular supply). In some major cities, we can deliver goods on the same day.

We provide fast shipment of goods not only across Europe but also globally, where we can deliver express parcels to New Zealand and other countries within 24 to 48 hours. Time-critical shipments are therefore no challenge for us, thanks to our extensive experience.

We also perform transport through the post office. We provide guaranteed deliveries and personal pick-ups for your customers.

Part of our services is also a pan-European cash-on-delivery solution, where our experienced staff will process these payments, convert currencies if necessary, and then send money to your account at a 1:1 ratio. In practice, our delivery and transportation solutions look as follows:

  1. Parcel dispatch and cross-docking – shipments are dispatched either directly from our warehouse or through a service based on immediate transshipment of goods, without the need for storage, which is called cross-docking.
  2. Parcel sorting – thanks to an automated sorter in combination with packaging lines, parcels are divided through conveyors based on the destination country and last-mile couriers.
  3. Loading of vehicles – sorted parcels are loaded into specific vehicles that depart for different countries in Europe every day.
  4. Transportation – transportation lines deliver shipments to courier company depots for last-mile delivery, usually within 24 hours of the customer placing an order.
  5. Last-mile delivery – courier companies immediately deliver shipments to individual customers. Due to high volumes with the largest courier companies, we have good deals on prices not only within Europe but worldwide.
  6. Collection of returns – our carriers pick up undelivered or returned shipments.
  7. Receipt at return branches – then they will bring them to the return branches or to our main warehouse, where we inspect and record the products and, if necessary, handle any issues with the client.
  8. Processing of COD payments – we process COD payments, convert them into the necessary currency at the most advantageous rate, and transfer the funds to the client's account in a 1:1 ratio.

Cargo - larger shipments

As part of our transportation solutions for e-commerce clients, we also provide road (pallet transport, loading docks, trucks), sea, and air cargo within Europe and worldwide. Transporting larger goods or equipment is not a problem, regardless of the delivery location.

We transport pallets, loading (LTL), full truck loads (FTL) across Europe without unnecessary worries about finding carriers. We provide container and pallet transport directly from the manufacturer anywhere in the world to Slovakia and vice versa.