In the e-commerce world, the unexpected success can come. This is exactly what happened in 2017 to our customer, the Czech company that moved its entire warehouse to our stock.

The warehouse in Prague which they have been using since 2014, stopped to suit the location. The reason was simple. The company took advantage of the massive development of e-commerce in Romania and Bulgaria. The e-shop sells a wide range of household accessories - home decor segment. Imagine pillows, candles, vases, cutlery, sheets, goods where are really many design options.

In 2014, the company sold about 100 orders a day only within the Czech Republic. In 2016, this ratio changed fundamentally. Although Czech sales grew to 250 orders a day, Romania and Bulgaria made the same numbers year after year. Therefore, after the Christmas season 2016, they decided to move the stock to our Fulfillment by FHB - Svätý Jur warehouse. Even if you would think, why a Czech company has a warehouse in Slovakia in addition to a large and developed Prague?

The mathematics and geography are relentless. In FHB, we operate daily line haul lines to all EU Balkan countries - Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria. As a result, we save approximately 340 km of distance from Prague, which is the difference between one working day and the courier delivery to the customer. And there are also saved travel cost. Other way, the CZ market is still close - the Moravia metropolis Brno is only 130 km along the D2 highway.

Our customer, with its current volumes of about 350 packages per day to the Czech Republic and about 1200 packages per day to the Balkan countries saves a lot of money and for 1200 specific customers improves their user experience of shopping.

The icing on the cake is our daily line from the Slovenian port Koper, a place where the customer receives goods from Turkish and Asian suppliers. In this way, it saves up to € 50,000 per year on transport costs directly at the entry of goods, against imports all the way to Prague. And that pays off.