Fulfillment by FHB is a specialist in European logistics thanks to the line haul lines. That's why in 2019, the international consumer electronics retailer chose us as its solution within the EU for sales through marketplaces such as Amazon, Allegro, eBay, eMag.

Today we cover delivery for this company to all countries from our Bratislava central warehouse. With direct integration in platforms are customer orders online transferred to our system and paired with stock items. With over 5,000 different SKU items that are frequently change and innovated stock overview is a key thing for the company when planning to purchase goods. Electronics is expensive and rapidly change due to the fast development on the market. The entire logistics operation is planned Just-in-Time and the stock is minimal, only few days of current sale is in our stock shelves.

This way of running a business is the icing on the cake of e-commerce logistics. With daily volumes of several thousand orders and frequent marketing campaigns for individual brands or types of electronics in FHB's logistics, is what makes the seller successful. For example, the campaigns of new Xbox or Playstation launch mean a daily fluctuation of 700 percent. The truck of goods arrives at the warehouse and is immediately stored in the information system and physically prepared for the flow of the expedition. Then it is packed that day and orders are loaded on the line haul.

Our warehouses can also manage these daily fluctuations thanks to two work shifts and sometimes also of Saturday and Sunday work shifts. The whole scheme of picking and picking control is covered by the online information system, so the warehouse knows about 2 hours in advance how many pieces of goods should count in the workload. Well, and meanwhile, new orders from customers arrive and we can start the whole process again.