Seasonal peaks are no longer a problem with logistics solution by Fulfillment by FHB Group.

Press Release: Rapid Surge of Orders Driven by Multimillion Euro Investments

Upon completion of the planned investments into the automation and digitization of e-commerce logistics within the hall in Svätý Jur, the company Fulfillment by FHB Group continues its trajectory by opening a new warehouse in Senec. The objective of both logistical centers is to manage the escalating volume of orders stemming from the sharp increase in new clients.

Bratislava – The dominant provider of fulfillment in Central and Eastern Europe has concluded a series of planned multimillion-euro investments into the automation and digitization of the logistical process. Within the primary warehouse in Svätý Jur, the company has thus expanded with an array of automated packaging facilities, sorters, conveyors, and vehicles.

In light of the company’s growth, the opening of another logistical center in Senec has arrived, encompassing approximately 10,000 square meters in its initial phase. These novel spaces unveiled themselves in August 2023 and are equipped, as well as existing ones, with advanced and globally unique technological technologies.

Solution for the rapid growth

Continual development of capacities and equipment stands as the response to the current significant surge in demand from e-commerce businesses for the services of Fulfillment by FHB Group. Since its inception, the company has been annually witnessing a mounting growth in the form of customers and processed shipments.

The acquisition of new clients since the end of 2022 has gained even more pronounced momentum, which has been reflected in an interesting trend through a multiple-fold monthly increase in delivered parcels. The outcome is a consistent record-breaking figure, be it in daily, weekly, or monthly processed order volumes.

“It is necessary to be prepared to handle the increase in delivered packages while maintaining the momentum and the current upward trajectory of the company. Consequently, the natural long-term solution involves the implementation of new technologies, expansion of storage capacities and services, improvement of the vehicle fleet, and also the opening of new job positions at several levels,” says Rastislav Tinák, PR and marketing manager at Fulfillment by FHB Group.

The inauguration of new spaces and the growth in orders cannot be done without a skilled and professional workforce. The opportunity in the region is, therefore, a job offer in several positions with compelling conditions.

Technologies make the difference

The equipment in both warehouses contains unique devices within the realm of e-commerce logistics. A splendid example in the field of technology in the fulfillment process is presented by packaging and sorting machinery capable of processing tens of thousands of parcels daily in various forms.

The responsibility for box packaging lies with the world’s fastest automated packaging line, Everest, which can package up to 1,100 parcels within an hour. Among its further specifics are environmentally conscious and secure fit-to-size packaging, leading to an average utilization of half the material. As a result, the parcels require less cardboard, and more parcels can be transported in vehicles during delivery.

An alternative form of product packaging involves the use of foil wrappers, facilitated by the automated line BVM Comtex. Equally noteworthy is the Priority Pack device, which, by packaging products in recyclable paper envelopes, minimizes product movement, enhancing security during transport. Fulfillment by FHB Group also offers opportunities for prototypes like the eComPack packaging machine, which replaces manual insertion of products into envelopes.

The next stage of fulfillment involves sorting based on the delivery country, executed through automated “custom-made” sorters and robots. Their combination with packaging lines not only speeds up the process but also reduces the error rate, which is almost zero in the company.

Both logistical centers are equipped with a multi-level mezzanine shelving system for storage and picking, with a capacity of several hundred thousand boxes, alongside pallet racks. The inclusion of artificial intelligence-guided systems further optimizes reception, storage, picking, and other parts of the logistics process.

Advanced automation and storage systems thus serve as a solution to ensure smoothness, speed, and flawlessness during regular days, as well as during seasonal peaks. No delays occur in the warehouse, and thanks to the company’s own pan-European transport network, deliveries, including cash on delivery, are completed within 24 to 48 hours from order acceptance.

Growing alongside investments

Third-party logistics services provided by Fulfillment by FHB Group offer e-commerce businesses an efficient solution for fulfillment processes, particularly in terms of service scope and costs. For global e-shops, the advantages of outsourcing include investments in essential technological and informational solutions in the modern and dynamic logistics field.

“Current trends in e-commerce logistics unmistakably point towards the direction of further evolution. Emphasis is placed primarily on the swiftness and precision of order processing and international delivery, as well as ecology and the optimal shopping experience for customers. That is also why we continuously work to bring the best possible services to our clients and thus maintain our regular growth,” adds Rastislav Tinák.

The logistical centers within the company will consistently be equipped with new and modern technological devices, advanced digitalization, and service enhancement. The company’s objective is to solidify its position as a leader in the fulfillment market in Central and Eastern Europe, while delivering comprehensive solutions for e-shops worldwide.

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