Unlock the Benefits of Outsourcing Logistics

10 Reasons to Choose Fulfillment by FHB Group: Unlock the Benefits of Outsourcing Logistics

Global e-commerce is growing at a rapid pace, with consumer demand driving the majority of this growth. More and more users want to shop online, which is something sellers are adapting to by expanding their offer to e-commerce platforms or to new markets.

In this regard, an e-commerce business must cover several important pillars. One of them is the e-shop itself and its capabilities, to ensure flawless logistics and to get the e-shop in front of people with various marketing campaigns.

One pillar without the other can’t function, and the seller often can’t handle all three at once. As a result, e-commerce businesses are increasingly relying on third parties to assist or advance them with individual pillars over their competition. 

And that’s where we come in, Fulfillment by FHB Group, where we offer comprehensive logistics services under one roof. That is, the e-shop doesn’t have to deal with storage, sorting, and picking of orders, packaging, finalization, delivery to almost all countries in the world, or the management of returns and processing of cash on delivery.

Moreover, if you don’t need help with storage and packaging, we can help you with distribution through immediate cross-docking. You send us the goods, and we immediately redistribute them to your end customers.

These are just a few benefits that make us the leader in fulfillment in Central and Eastern Europe. We have prepared a detailed list of the 10 most important points that our logistics process means for your business.

1. Ideal location in the center of Europe

Delivery time is crucial when ordering, and if there is a delay, the customer can leave for competition on their next purchase. Therefore, location is key in logistics, as it allows the delivery of a package to various parts of Europe or the world within a few hours.

Our company has its main warehouses located in the center of Europe, near the capital of Slovakia. The route is shortened by immediate access to main highway routes. This convenient location allows for delivery within a few hours, whether to western or eastern countries in Europe.

For example, if you sell products to the Balkan region, delivering from Bratislava can save you hours, and in some cases, even days, compared to choosing a partner in Prague, Warsaw, or Berlin.

The work with returned shipments is made easier by our smaller warehouses or return branches in neighboring nations, which are managed by knowledgeable and skilled staff.

2. Daily line hauls outperform couriers

With a favorable location, it’s also important to handle it properly, so we have a network of our own transportation lines at Fulfillment by FHB Group, which depart to most countries in the European Union every day. We have several types of vehicles, whether larger or medium-sized, that are as efficient as possible, with a focus on costs and the environment.

Due to the fact that they don’t necessitate as many steps as couriers, our own transportation lines often outpace their depots by days, greatly reducing the required time.

We collaborate with several relevant courier companies only for the last-mile delivery. Due to the high volume of packages, this collaboration takes place under favorable conditions, which the seller ultimately appreciates when looking at delivery costs.

Own transportation lines combined with courier companies for the last mile will ensure that packages are delivered to customers within 24 to 48 hours of ordering. Of course, this time depends on the time of receipt of the order into the system and the time when the transportation lines leave the warehouses.

3. Know-how and opportunities of big players

Every client has different requirements and needs. Therefore, it is important that if they decide to outsource logistics to a fulfillment company, the provider of this service should be able to promptly respond to each specific e-commerce business.

Fulfillment by FHB Group has been in the market for 15 years and has handled tens of millions of orders during this time. Client goods are diverse, ranging from electronics to clothing in different colors and sizes, corporate products, and consumer goods.

Years of experience have brought significant know-how on how to do logistics efficiently, without mistakes, and to the satisfaction of customers. Also, due to our long-standing presence in the market, we are currently the largest provider of fulfillment in Central and Eastern Europe.

Handing over responsibility for logistics to an experienced company can give clients the space to expand their business. Logistics can thus be outsourced, avoiding the need to invest millions in technology.

We handle these issues, and because of our extensive expertise and dominant position in the market, even smaller e-shops may have logistics that are on par with those of more established e-commerce firms.

4. Zero error rate in the process

The top-notch proprietary information system that runs every step of the process is a big advantage for customer satisfaction. Its role is not only to simplify the work but also to capture all possible errors.

Our company’s processes are also set towards error-free fulfillment. Thanks to this, we can guarantee almost zero errors when working with goods or packages for orders that are sent to customers.

This prevents situations such as missing or incorrect products in a package, confused orders in terms of delivery, and so on. Since they had a good delivery experience, customers have no reason to move to the competition and can stay with the seller.

5. Automation and information systems are necessary

A big advantage in logistics are the latest automated technologies and information systems. They are able to manage and speed up the process.

At Fulfillment by FHB Group, automation and informatization of processes are two of the main ways to differentiate from the competition. The company has many packing machines, conveyors, elevators, carts, sorters, PDA devices for warehouse workers, and many other modern features.

A great example of advanced and multiplied automation in our warehouses is our packaging lines. Within hours, these lines can pack thousands of shipments in various forms, scanning them and, based on fit-to-size packaging, selecting only the necessary volume of material.

This reduces expenses while also having a positive environmental impact because it typically utilizes half as much packaging material, results in smaller packages, and allows for more items to fit into transport lines. In addition, the product is better protected after packaging, as it does not move in the box during transportation, which reduces the risk of damage.

Automation is connected to multiple devices, creating a unified system with our warehouse management system, called Kika. This allows us to have an overview of everything that is happening in the warehouse, including orders, deliveries, and other parts of the fulfillment process.

Clients can use the Zoe application, where they can track the status of goods in the warehouse, orders, cash on delivery, returns, and issue tickets, among other important factors.

6. High-quality warehouses

Products must be stored in suitable conditions so that they are not damaged by moisture, excessive heat, frost, or many other factors. Our “A”-class quality warehouses impress not only with their location but also with their equipment, safety, and wide capacities.

The company’s warehouse capacity is constantly growing, currently at over 30,000 square meters, where modern multi-story mezzanine shelving systems are constructed with a goal of maximizing capacity utilization. This enables us to utilize capacity both horizontally and vertically, while also steadily increasing them, in order to provide services to new customers and maintain our regular growth.

A special, secure position is reserved for valuable products in the warehouses, access to which is only granted to a few selected employees. The warehouses are constantly monitored to minimize the loss or damage of products during storage.

7. Goodbye to regular peaks

Monday rushes with weekend orders, various events, but especially special parts of the season, such as the most popular one, the Christmas season. In logistics, these periods represent challenging times that often result in delays, errors, or other problems with delivery.

These times are no problem for Fulfillment by FHB Group, even with the current trend of the Christmas season being longer than in previous years. Preparations are set months in advance, and automation combined with a high-quality information system and timely recruitment of a work force will ensure that everything runs smoothly without any problems or delays. 

8. European COD Solution

Payment methods are one of the most important elements for success in multiple markets. Although online payments are becoming more popular, some, especially European countries, still prefer cash on delivery.

These require more effort as it is usually a cash payment in multiple currencies that must be processed thoroughly. We take care of this and offer e-shops this type of payment processing in a complex European COD solution.

Our experienced employees record these payments, convert them into the necessary currency while taking into account the actual exchange rate, and send the money to the client’s account on a 1:1 ratio, usually once a week. The client has constant insight into COD payments through the Zoe customer application.

This way, the e-commerce company has a greater opportunity to reach its customers when entering new markets without having to make almost any additional effort.

9. All returns come to us

A certain part of the shipped packages will be returned, and the seller must be prepared for this. However, he often cannot prevent it from happening, which may be caused by the trend among customers to order multiple numbers or colors and return the ones that do not fit.

In Fulfillment by FHB Group, we offer complete processing of such returns and significantly ease the seller’s business. Such products are accepted at the warehouse, either delivered by an external courier or picked up in various countries with our daily line hauls.

The trained staff will check the content of the returned packages and document the product condition with a photograph and detailed description.

If the product is not suitable, the seller will receive a notification about its condition and decide what will happen to it. If the product is okay, after documentation, it can be put back in stock and possibly sent for another order shipment.

10. Investing for the best experience

Staying competitive can only be achieved if the company is moving forward. This is also our goal, where we regularly invest significant resources into the latest equipment, improving the fleet, the fulfillment process, and expanding capacities.

The company, on average, doubles the growth in orders every year, so we are constantly expanding capacities in order to process order volumes or store enough goods. Not to mention investing in automation, which eliminates any delays or errors and provides a suitable solution for the e-commerce business even if its customer volume increases.

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