Marketing meeting

Marketing in E-commerce

One of the main pillars that determines the success of an e-shop in a highly competitive market is ensuring effective marketing in e-commerce. Its forms can vary, from social media, creating special content, SEO settings, to various email and advertising campaigns.

Its importance for an e-shop is enormous, as greater awareness leads to an increase in both visitors and orders. However, the market is extensive and predominantly international, with estimates suggesting that there are currently up to 24 million e-commerce sites worldwide.

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Integration between Baselinket and Fulfillment by FHB Group.

Outsource logistics with BaseLinker integration

E-commerce sales and logistics are two pillars that must work together in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes and to make everything run smoothly and efficiently. This is especially true when it comes to outsourcing logistics to third parties.

The process involves a large volume of data that must be transferred from one system to another in a safe, error-free, and simple manner. The new integration between Fulfillment by FHB Group and the BaseLinker e-commerce platform will make it easier for clients with more than just logistics. 

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How to boost international sales in e-commerce

E-commerce and expansion: how to boost international sales

There are more and more international and expanding e-shops in the world, and the decline of this trend is not expected even in the coming years. The reason is simple.

The foreign e-commerce environment brings the opportunity to reach new customers and thus move your business a step forward. For many e-shops, the local market is small, so expanding abroad is the right solution for progress.

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